No More Whispering about Women’s Health

October 06, 2018

When Heather starts to bleed uncontrollably, it's the first time she wonders if she is going to live. After being diagnosed with a fibroid tumor, a series of events leads to her hospitalization where she ends up gaining 40lbs in 4 days after an emergency surgery. Yet despite questioning the decision to release her from the hospital in the severely swollen state, Heather is released only to return the next day to discover the cause of her symptoms and the common, yet significant surgical proce...

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Shared Decision Making – From Patient to Med Student

September 29, 2018

For years, Archana Bharadwaj, struggled with migraines. As a patient, she experienced a variety of approaches her physicians took regarding her treatment, from medical paternalism—action limiting a patient’s autonomy—to shared decision making (SDM). Although Archana realizes that some patients prefer being told “what to do”, Archana was the type of person who wanted to be involved in decisions regarding her health care. In this podcast she provides suggestions fo...

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What’s Biting You? The Complexities of Lyme Disease

September 22, 2018

When Dr. Kristin Reihman was bit by a tick and developed a characteristic bullseye rash, she knew she had Lyme disease. When it happened again seven years later, however, her reaction to the incident was quite different because during that time she had learned about the complexities of the bacteria, how it’s transmitted, the in/effectiveness of tests, and new treatment guidelines. After years of treating patients with Lyme disease and other complex illnesses, Dr. Reihman provides her pe...

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Effectively Communicating Care

September 15, 2018

Claire shares with listeners how the patient-centered care she received impacted her health and healing. What started as an ovarian cyst quickly turned into an emergency situation due to a perforated bowel from the procedure. When Claire ends up in the emergency room, a doctor is able to diagnose the cause simply by watching Claire’s nonverbals. With a graduate degree in Communication Studies, Claire identifies how the communication styles and behaviors of her clinicians encouraged or d...

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Let’s Talk About Sex

September 07, 2018

In her mid 20s, Katie was unfamiliar with the pain that was happening to her.   Conversations about sexual health are uncommon outside of a sexual education class and remains an uncomfortable topic to broach for physicians and patients alike.   For Katie, the discomfort and uncertainty of her pain was initially difficult and embarrassing to explain to her doctors.  After three years without a conclusive explanation,  Katie was asked by a gynecologist to point to the locati...

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