Cannabis, Hemp and Healing

March 23, 2019

In this podcast, Matt Neifert, owner of Agape Blends, shares the medicinal benefits of hemp CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD), found in hemp, is a chemical compound that effects our body’s cannabinoid receptors “…found in the parts of the brain that handle cognition, memory, psychomotor skills, feelings of rewards, and pain perception…CBD cannabidiol interacts with the receptors to reduce feelings of pain or anxiety” (

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The Host Speaks

March 15, 2019

In this week’s podcast, Health Stories’ host Nicole Defenbaugh shares her personal journey with ulcerative colitis (UC) and provides listeners with the reason for starting the podcast. Jerry Petrole, the IT wizard behind the podcast, takes his turn as the host for this unedited interview.

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Surgical Wisdom from C-Sections to Brain Surgery

March 09, 2019

After 13 surgeries, all for different conditions (e.g., brain surgery, C-sections, appendectomy, car accident), Emily has learned a thing or two about pre- and post-surgery preparation, asking questions, types of anesthesia, and caregiver support. With her 3rd upcoming C-section, Emily shares the steps and un/expected moments she experienced and reminds listeners that “Patients are not standard.  Different people respond differently to different drugs” in discussin...

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Navigating the Liminal Healthcare Landscape

March 02, 2019

Having had multiple roles in healthcare (i.e., employee, patient representative, researcher, teaching associate, standardized patient) and as a current Stage IV cancer survivor, Ariane provides listeners with a myriad of experiences about how she has learned to navigate the liminal spaces in the U.S. healthcare system. With a hopeful attitude, Ariana suggests not to affix fault and blame when faced with a diagnosis. She suggests bringing someone with you to appointments, finishing necessary p...

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Living Well with Diabetes

February 23, 2019

Ten years after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, Melanie faced another diagnosis, Type 2 diabetes, and recounts the symptoms: thirst, frequent urination, dry skin, forgetfulness, occasional blurred vision and slow-healing wounds. As she states, “…those things are such a normal part of aging, we don’t think to connect those to diabetes until you get a diagnosis”. Melanie also addresses a common stereotype of diabetes, obesity, and shares the story of a physic...

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