Advocating for a Loved One

August 31, 2018

When her husband, Jordi, is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Hope assumes the role of his caregiver. When Jordi and Hope meet with the oncologist, he exclaims, ”Why didn’t you come see me five years ago?!” Hope struggles trying to communicate with the oncologist while encouraging Jodi to be more involved in his own care. As she states, “….[he] was relying on me to not just find the doctors or find the information but also relay that information to him and try t...

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Part II - Providing Light to the ‘Dark Side’ of Health Insurance (Special Edition)

August 26, 2018

In Part II of the special edition podcast, Dr. Jonathan Burke reveals new and, for many people, unknown information about how the health insurance system works. He answers a series of questions by the podcast host, so listeners can be more prepared for and effectively respond to health insurance issues. Dr. Burke offers insights and tips regarding claims (e.g., appealing a bill), prescriptions (e.g., lower medication costs), hospital/in-patient care (e.g., asking more questions...

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Coming Out to Your Physician: Caring for Members of the LGBTQIA Community

August 19, 2018

Over the past five years, Dr. Beth has learned the importance of asking patients, “…what is your preferred name and what are your pronouns?” It is a crucial question she didn’t know to ask earlier in her medical career, having received insufficient training in LGBTQ health. After months of caring for a patient with unexplained breast pain, Dr. Beth eventually learned the cause when the patient courageously chose to share his identity story with her. Dr. Beth offers ti...

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Providing Light to the ‘Dark Side’ of Health Insurance (Special Edition - Part 1)

August 11, 2018

In this special edition podcast, Dr. Jonathan Burke explains why he chose to stop being a full-time primary care physician and change careers to join the proverbial “dark side” of health insurance. His response, “I was struggling with how medicine was practiced, the hamster wheel…[and] I hoped that I would be able to…change how things might work in the future.” In part one of the two-part series, Dr. Burke shares stories and answers questions (e.g., &ldqu...

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Trust, Forgiveness & Medical Mistakes

August 03, 2018

Since the moment of her birth, Abbie has been the recipient of multiple medical errors. Approximately 700 medical mistakes occur each day in the United States (, leading to death.  Despite experiencing a near-death mistake herself, Abbie forgave and continues to trust in the primary care physician who caused it. After the most recent mistake by another physician, however, Abbie questions if forgiveness is possible and inst...

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