A Profession of Unsung Heroes in Medicine

May 18, 2019
“So you’re more than just drug pushers?” asks the podcast host in this week’s episode about the unsung heroes of medicine. Drs. Katrina and Elie Jabbour—the podcast’s first clinical couple—reveal to listeners the relatively unknown world of pharmacy and how little we know about the profession beyond the prescriptions we get filled at the local pharmacy. As Elie states, “We are the invisible healthcare provider behind the scene” and adds, &...
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A Leap of Faith

May 13, 2019
Billy, a local activists, recounts his experiences as a member of the LGBTQ community since the 1970s. As Billy describes, “There were many doctors that wouldn’t even see you…if they knew you were gay or thought you had HIV.” Billy refers to the 1980s as the “Lost Years” where he buried several of his ‘brothers’ from AIDS and reflects on the current state of healthcare: “56% of LGB people and 70% of transgender and gender non-conforming p...
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What I Learned from Falling Down a Mountain

May 05, 2019
Physician, business owner, and patient, Dr. Lorraine Dickey takes listeners on a journey about the moment her life was turned upside down. Lorraine explains the many difficulties that resulted from her traumatic brain injury that took her out of medicine. During the next 2.5 years, Lorraine had to redefine her identity. And when she did return to medicine, “it was terrifying, absolutely terrifying…I didn’t want to be defined by my head injury”. Lorraine is no longer t...
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A Nurse's Calling

April 27, 2019
There are more the 29 million nurses in the world and approximately 4 million in the United States...and it’s not enough.  The American Nurse Association projects that over the next 4 years there will be more available positions in nursing than in any other profession.  Mark Petrole, RN is an outpatient nurse at a clinic that services mainly low income and underinsured patients.  In describing the multiple roles he plays, Mark says “I’m like a case manager, a...
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Chronic Pain, Chiropractic Care & the “Art of Medicine”

April 14, 2019
In the U.S., 20.4% of adults (50 million) live with chronic pain (https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/67/wr/mm6736a2.htm). The recommendation? Add chiropractic medicine to your usual medical care for treating back pain (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2680417). As Dr. Paul Braadt explains, patients with chronic pain ofte...
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