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Advocating for a Loved One

When her husband, Jordi, is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Hope assumes the role of his caregiver. When Jordi and Hope meet with the oncologist, he exclaims, ”Why didn’t you come see me five years ago?!” Hope struggles trying to communicate with the oncologist while encouraging Jodi to be more involved in his own care. As she states, “….[he] was relying on me to not just find the doctors or find the information but also relay that information to him and try to explain to him what was happening to his health…” During this time, Hope commits her professional time to teaching effective communication and observation skills to medical students as the Director of the Fine Art of Health Care program at the University of Miami ( The interview concludes with a reflection of her six years as a caregiver and the advice she offers others trying to communicate with a dismissive clinician and a partner who struggles to find his voice in the US healthcare system.

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