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It’s Never Too Soon Until It’s Too Late – Planning for Death

Eric Zizelmann, Funeral Director, shares some of the shocking and surprising stories of what he has encountered over the past +20 years in the business. He shares how family disputes over funeral arrangements have resulted in legal battles and the need to identify a Power of Attorney (pre-death), Right of Disposition (immediately after death), and an Executor of an Estate (hint: they’re all different roles). Eric clarifies a number of misconceptions about funeral arrangements and offers extensive assistance for how to prepare (e.g., update your documents, save money for your funeral!). One of the most important documents everyone should complete is the Right of Disposition form—giving you the right to control what happens to your body/remains without interference or consent from others. And of course, the need to communicate with your family and loved ones about your wishes. Death is not an easy topic to discuss, but if you want your wishes met, tell those you know.

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