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Living Well with Diabetes

Ten years after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, Melanie faced another diagnosis, Type 2 diabetes, and recounts the symptoms: thirst, frequent urination, dry skin, forgetfulness, occasional blurred vision and slow-healing wounds. As she states, “…those things are such a normal part of aging, we don’t think to connect those to diabetes until you get a diagnosis”. Melanie also addresses a common stereotype of diabetes, obesity, and shares the story of a physician who assumed Melanie (who weighs 135 lbs.) weighed 400 lbs. based on her blood sugar levels and hypertension diagnosis. Regarding diet, Melanie informs us that “healthy” foods such as granola, dried fruit, and refined sugars: bread, pasta, and rice are, in fact, not good for controlling diabetes. With a genetic predisposition to having diabetes, Melanie chose to manage her condition through diet, exercise, and lowering her stress levels, addressing her diabetes holistically. Over the year she learned what works for one person doesn’t work for others—you need to figure out what works for you.

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