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No More Whispering about Women’s Health

When Heather starts to bleed uncontrollably, it's the first time she wonders if she is going to live. After being diagnosed with a fibroid tumor, a series of events leads to her hospitalization where she ends up gaining 40lbs in 4 days after an emergency surgery. Yet despite questioning the decision to release her from the hospital in the severely swollen state, Heather is released only to return the next day to discover the cause of her symptoms and the common, yet significant surgical procedure that changed her life, and led to a second emergency surgery. Heather walks listeners through the reasons for and questions to ask regarding a hysterectomy and the surprising connection with C-sections. The podcast concludes with insightful tips such as the benefits of physical therapy, advocating for yourself and “talk[ing] openly about female body parts and medical procedures…without whispering.”

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