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Surgical Wisdom from C-Sections to Brain Surgery

After 13 surgeries, all for different conditions (e.g., brain surgery, C-sections, appendectomy, car accident), Emily has learned a thing or two about pre- and post-surgery preparation, asking questions, types of anesthesia, and caregiver support. With her 3rd upcoming C-section, Emily shares the steps and un/expected moments she experienced and reminds listeners that “Patients are not standard.  Different people respond differently to different drugs” in discussing her adverse reaction to anesthesia. Surgical procedures and recovery processes have also changed over time in healthcare, as Emily recalls the speedy and fairly easy recovery from a recent sinus surgery compared to sinus surgery from a decade ago. In providing insights, Emily suggests asking the surgeon any and all questions, calling the surgeon’s office with additional questions, finding patient narratives to understand others’ experiences, and mental preparation techniques such as meditation. The podcast ends with advice for your caregiver so they can be effective in their caregiving role.

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