Holistically Healthy with Crohn’s

November 24, 2018
As a nine-year-old with perfect school attendance, Jennifer learned the many challenges having an incurable autoimmune disease, Crohn’s disease, and living in a rural area. After years of being angry at her body, Jennifer shares how she learned to feel grounded, advocate for herself, develop relationships and have a holistic and positive way to engage the world. For the listener who struggles with a chronic illness and searches for acceptance, Jennifer advises, “…inquire in...
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Confronting Weight Bias in Healthcare

November 17, 2018
“You need to lose weight. You need to lose weight. You need to lose weight”. For Dr. Jennifer (Jenn) C. Dunn, her weight has been the primary focus of her clinical appointments, so much so that when she went to see a physician for a cold, she was told to lose weight. In this podcast, Jenn reminds us of weight bias and its impact on individuals who are diagnosed with obesity. “The way that people treat me has a bigger impact on me than I feel that my actual weight does.&rdquo...
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Realistically Ever After: The Third Story of Cancer Survivorship

November 09, 2018
Realistically Ever After: The Third Story of Cancer Survivorship Thirty years after being diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Laura Ellingson joins the podcast to share her survivorship story. “It’s complicated…I’m not going to tell you the victorious narrative. I’m going to tell you what really happened,” she informs listeners. Laura comments on the two common endings to cancer stories, triumph or tragedy; there is rarely an alterna...
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Our Northern Neighbors’ Universal Healthcare

November 03, 2018
Dr. Shauna MacDonald recounts her childhood health experiences growing up in Canada including her premature birth and five-week stay in the hospital (neonatal intensive care unit), her parents never had to pay a cent. In contrast, the average cost of an infant in a U.S. NICU is $3,000/day. Shauna shares some of her more recent encounters in the U.S. healthcare system and adds, “There was no question about how much it will cost [in Canada]….but here...
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From Political Refugee to Physician – U.S. vs. National Healthcare

October 27, 2018
What is it like to treat patients in the U.S. after living in a country with free healthcare? Dr. Marlene Gonzalez takes listeners on an unforgettable and inspiring journey from her teenage years as a political refugee to her current role as a physician caring for patients from around the globe. At the age of 13, Marlene emigrated with her family from Cuba to San Francisco, speaking only 
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